06. 03. 2011r.

I have added property

test.mouseChildren = false;

which disables element with all children

01. 01. 2011r.

Fixed small typo. There was 'ceaTimeout' instead of 'clearTimeout'

30. 12. 2010r.

Improved code in example of dynamic loading of images now its more generic.

Fix in associative array example.

Added example how to clone Loader object.

Added cool trick - to make animation play backwards!

Greet :)

08. 12. 2010r.

In the "How to create basic class" example there was created class As3cheatsheet which was kinda specific ;)

I have turned it to lib.Main so it fits evrything you write ;)

01. 12. 2010r.

In calling javascript I do not use flash.external.ExternalInterface anymore because it was cousing firefox to hang and I couldnt find reason why. Now i use by ``javascript:'' and it works smoothly in ff and ie.


09. 10. 2010r.

First version of page created.

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